RYAN BRIGGS is a hobbyist graphic designer and digital artist from Fort Worth, Texas. He is currently a student at Beckman High School in Irvine, California. Ryan has almost three years of experience in web design and has been drawing and creating art for almost his entire life, only getting serious with it sometime around autumn of 2012 to winter of 2013.

He has extensive experience using Adobe products such as Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as Paint Tool SAI, GIMP, and other programs such as Blender. Despite having limited free time, he always finds time to practice, not including time spent in Graphic Design class during the school day.

Ryan volunteers at Caring Friends Cat Rescue, which includes providing a foster home for cats in need and taking care of the not so fun aspects of working with animals. He also actively participates in groups at the LGBT Center in Santa Ana and affiliated groups at school and other locations. Eventually, Ryan hopes to have a career in industrial design with a freelance digital art setup on the side. He actively takes art commissions on his Tumblr page and enjoys creative writing and blogging alongside posting his artwork.


➜ Ryan has professional opera vocal training!
➜ He has two cats, Newton and Pickles, and one foster named Sunday.
➜ He collects bottles, rocks, feathers, and interesting bits of metal and glass.
➜ He is gay and actively participates in LGBT events.
➜ He has lived in four different states - Texas, Alaska, Colorado, and California.